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Vartian - The Carpet Company

Established in 1922, Vartian the Carpet Company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of designer hand-woven rugs.

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, this family-run company is dedicated to the challenge of creating traditional hand-knotted rugs in a modern production environment. At Vartian, rugs of singular complexity in colour and workmanship are created from a combination of established carpet weaving techniques and contemporary designs. Dedication and a commitment to uncompromising quality in design, material, and workmanship result in one-of-a-kind carpets. Arman J. Vartian views every challenge as an opportunity to introduce his ideas. He is one of those for whom the hand-woven carpet is more than just a profession – it is his art.

The vision of Vartian

Vartian - The Carpet Company has a passion for beautiful carpets. They aim to underline the work of architects and the beauty of what already exists such as room concepts, pieces of furniture, and decorative objects. Vartian love to use their experience to design carpets that reflect creativity, diversity, and harmony. Their rugs are made by people, for people using centuries-old weaving techniques aided by the efficiency of modern technology.

Hand-knotted carpets

Vartian remains hugely passionate about carpet knotting, viewing hand-knotted rugs as a work of art that are handcrafted over months by master weavers who have learned their trade over years. Vartian only uses natural, renewable materials when creating their hand-knotted carpets. Due to their high quality, they are particularly soft underfoot. Discover Vartian hand-knotted carpets here.


The Passion collection comprises an exclusive and partly personal range of carpets that are characterised by creativity, variety, inspiration, and first-class execution. The choice of vibrant colours, the implementation of sometimes complex designs, and inspiration from personal life experiences lead to fascinating compositions made from the finest Tibetan highland wool and silk.

Remixed Classics

Remixed Classics represent the worlds of past and present combining centuries-old oriental carpet art with influences from modern culture. Extraordinary effects, brilliant colours, and daring combinations find their way into unique masterpieces whose creativity surprises and inspires again and again.

Pure Contemporary

Pure Contemporary carpets are created using a combination of traditional carpet knotting and modern design. The abstract form of expression of the collection is inspired by natural phenomena as well as by art - and implemented with high-quality, natural materials to perfect carpet creations that harmonize equally with classic and modern furnishing styles.

Here at RugArt, we are proud to be the sole distributor of Vartian rugs for the islands of Ireland. Discover more about the story behind Vartian here and shop their full range of rugs here.

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