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Jan Kath From Russia With Love

Jan Kath is one of the world’s most in-demand designers of hand-knotted carpets and we are honoured to be the sole distributor of his rugs across the whole of Ireland. Jan purposely breaks with conventional styles and throws strict design rules overboard, and his most recent collection ‘From Russia With Love’ is no different.

In this blog we take a closer look at this beautiful new collection, the inspiration behind it and the history behind the collection.


One of the most notable aspects of this beautiful collection is the opulence of its design. Magnificent roses and lavish floral wreaths form the basic pattern of the carpet. These floral motifs that adorn the From Russia With Love Collection are reminiscent of the traditional shawls and headscarves still worn by older Russian women in rural areas. The collection is also inspired by carpets made in Karabakh and other provinces in southern Russia around 1900 but with Jan’s unique take on the style.


The inclusion of the phrase ‘Disco Gol Farang’ in the title of the collection is a reference to old carpet traditions. ‘Gol Farang’ is Persian for ‘foreign flower.’ ‘Farang’ is also a malapropism of the Franks that was used to describe carpets characterised by influences from other countries. It was not uncommon for Royal Houses in Poland and France to have carpets made in Persia according to their own ideas. In this way, they impacted design ideas in the traditional countries of production.

Jan Kath Says…

‘It’s fun to make changes’ ‘and I don’t want to make the same thing forever.’ He plays with long-established motifs reinterpreting them as the trademark Jan Kath signature continues to evolve. This collection very much has its roots in tradition and history but with Jan’s unique style seamlessly intertwined.


The patterns are created using rich, bright colours of tibetan highland wool and Chinese silk making each rug a unique and emotionally powerful piece of art. These carpets dictate the character of the space they are in and create a focal point of interest.

Discover the collection

Each of Jan’s rugs in the From Russia With Love Collection can be chosen with anallover classic patterns or a design with JK alienation effects meaning you will be guaranteed a unique piece for your space.

Your choice of Jan Kath From Russia With Love rug will help to shape your space and create a focal point of interest for years to come.

To learn more about Jan Kath’s rugs click here and discover the From Russia With Love collection here.

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