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ISLE OF WOOL - Hand Tufted

Our Isle of Wool readymade collection comprises a selection of popular designs and colour combinations in a variety of standard sizes.  The more popular designs are generally available from our stock or if not can be ordered for delivery with our next stock delivery at the standard ready made price or with priority delivery for an additional €250.  The most popular and consequently most available sizes are 1.4m x 2.0m and 1.7m x 2.4m but ready-mades are also produced in 0.9m x 1.5m, 2m x 3m and 2.5m x 3.5m.  Prices in these standard sizes start from €330 for 0.9 x 1.5, € 695 for 1.4 x 2, € 895 for 1.7 x 2.4, € 1,250 for 2 x 3 and € 2,130 for 2.5m x 3.5m.  Our readymade designs can be adapted to our customers bespoke size & colour combinations using our custom tufted programme.

The current range from Isle of Wool is below - many in stock, all available with our next stock order at Ready Made prices.

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