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Our custom tufted offer facilitates the production of existing designs in the customers preferred size and colour combinations.  Any ready made design can be adapted to any colour & size combination.


Customers can create their own bespoke design which we produce using up to 1200 yarn colours.


Our tufted rugs are produced by a family of hand tufters that we have been dealing with for over 10 years. They have consistently produced top class quality throughout this time, all at affordable prices.  

What are custom rugs


Our custom hand tufted service enables our customer to choose precise size, design and colour combinations to suit their requirements. Our standard hand tufting service uses 100% New Zealand wool and in some cases pure silk or rayon silk.

The service is entirely custom, colours are chosen from our palette of over 1,200 different shades. Designs can be chosen from our extensive reference catalogues or a bespoke design can be produced.  These rugs feature a deep sumptuous pile with hand carved finishes and are available at a price that will not be equalled in Ireland.


Custom Tufted Rugs in Dublin 

Call us today to talk about your custom rug order.  In the Gallery tab we feature a selection of custom hand tufted rugs we have produced in the past, however our only constraint is your imagination.  In general the lead time for a custom tufted rug is 8 weeks.  In special circumstances we can accelerate this process.

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