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We carry a wide selection of samples in our showroom.  We use a combination of our samples, actual stock rugs, catalogues and colour poms to finalise selection.



We also have an extensive library of catalogues and photographs to assist our customers in their selection of design and colour combinations.  We have yarn poms boxes containing 1200 wool colours and 500 silk colours.  We use these tools together with our experience to assist our customers with their final selection.  In circumstances we can have CAD images generated to get a better view of the proposed design and colour combination and occasionally we will have actual samples made of the proposed rug but this can delay the process significantly.  Generally lead time is 8-10 weeks for hand tufted rugs and 3 – 4 months for hand knotted



At RugArt we are careful to work with only the best producers to ensure that quality is maintained at the highest levels at all times.  All our producers promote ‘fair trade’ practises in their production facilities and are affiliated to ‘fair trade’ regulatory bodies such as ‘STEP’ and ‘Goodweave’.  In the rare case where we encounter quality issues we deal proactively with our customer directly and expect our producers to fully support us in this respect.



As rugs can be somewhat cumbersome we frequently deliver rugs to our customers ourselves.  At busier times or where customers are not easily accessible we can arrange delivery of the rug at a minimal cost.



Creating Prospects

In many of the environments where our rugs are produced, only when parents earn enough to secure a livelihood for their families, can they afford to send their children to school instead of letting them work.

With its strict controls, fair trade not only prevents child labor, but also fights its root causes and creates prospects with good working conditions and fair wages.

All of Rug Art's producers operate 'fair trade' conditions in their production facilities.  This greatly improves the well being of those that carry out the work and helps maintain a high level of dignity in their lives.



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