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RugArt – Jan Kath Jungle

Here at RugArt we are proud to be the sole distributor of Jan Kath rugs for the 32 counties of Ireland. In this blog we take you through the amazing story and inspiration behind Jan Kath’s rugs as well as provide you with a glimpse into Jan Kath’s new Jungle collection which you won’t want to miss!


Jan Kath is one of the world’s most in demand designers of hand knotted carpets which makes us feel especially honoured to be exclusively stocking his beautiful selection of rugs to the Irish market. Jan Kath purposely breaks with conventional styles and throws strict design rules overboard which is both brave and admirable.

Hailing from Bochum, Germany, Jan doesn’t shy away from combining classic elements from oriental carpet styles with contemporary, minimalist design.

Another major theme of his work involves the interpretation of photorealistic motifs in textile art, which Kath perfects together with his carpet weavers in the workshops in Kathmandu (Nepal).

Having won numerous awards including the Red Dot and Carpet Design Award, Jan Kath’s rugs are often exhibited in art and design museums. Having a statement Jan Kath rug in your home is a lifelong investment that will add a beautiful, artistic, special feeling to your home.

Jungle Rug Collection

The Jungle Collection is the latest rug collection from Jan Kath and features some fantastic green, earthy tones which are perfect for any Irish home!

When we think of the lush jungle we can only begin to imagine the amazing biodiversity hidden beneath its green canopy. Jan has taken inspiration from the mystery of the jungle and incorporated it into his latest collection of rugs, creating something truly special.

“…this still largely unexplored world of tree crowns is absolutely fascinating. Whether from a bird’s eye view or from the ground looking up, these giants have an effect on me akin to an exciting promise,” - Jan Kath.

Inspired by shots of Asian jungle region, these hand knotted rugs are a spectacle to behold and elegantly capture the wonder and beauty of a jungle.

By utilising a taller pile height, Jan has given the carpets an opulent feel allowing them to appear organic, lush and alive just like the jungle itself.

In addition, Jan has used an exciting and unique material mix of hand-spun wool from the Tibetan highlands, delicate Chinese silk, and tough nettle fibres from the Asian mountains. Each of these materials are dyed using natural dyes. Since each material adopts the dye differently, various nuances are created within the rugs. The result is a subtle diversity – just like with leaves on a tree, which come to life in the interplay of light and shade.

View the full range of Jan Kath rugs here. Discover the Jungle collection here.

To see these beautiful rugs in person be sure to contact us to make an appointment in or showroom.

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Here at RugArt we are suppliers of some of the very finest quality rugs available in Ireland. Our Designer Hand Knotted producers are chosen from the most successful modern producers of rugs in the world. Our showroom is centrally located at 1c, Birch Avenue, Stillorgan Industrial Park, Sandyford. Contact us today on 01 269 0505 or 01 293 4999 to make your appointment.

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