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5 tips for decorating with rugs

Rugs are the perfect addition to any space. Whether you decide to make a statement with a large patterned rug, want to experiment with rug shapes or are simply looking for a soft rug to step out of bed onto, our blog will provide you with the top five tips for decorating with rugs.

  1. Size Matters

When it comes to choosing a rug for your space, size is very important. A common error is to choose a rug that’s too small for your room which throws off the feel of the space and doesn’t serve its purpose. There is however no right or wrong way, it really is personal preference. At RugArt, our preference is to use a large rug that will accommodate the furniture in the sitting area of your space, what we call the ‘island effect’, we may be biased as we do sell rugs by the square meter but this approach looks fantastic & clearly defines different spaces within a room. Alternatively you can have your furniture partially on your rug, angle your main seating to sit ever so slightly on the rug (e.g. two legs of the sofa sitting on the rug and two not) but without having everything in the room sitting on the rug. Finally, you can have a rug that simply sits inside your seating, this layout was the conventional method in the past but the first two options are more popular now.

When it comes to dining rooms, a rug will make a huge difference under your dining table. Some think it won’t be seen but invariably it is. It also can have a significant impact on noise insulation whilst dining at your table. Our simple rule of thumb for sizing is to take the dimensions of the table top and add 60cm all around, so your rug needs to be 1.2m longer and 1.2m wider than the table top. Another favourite tip of ours is to use a square rug under a round dining table, it looks great!

When choosing rugs to decorate with, consider the size of your room choosing larger rugs for bigger areas such as your living-dining space and smaller or narrower rugs for your hallway or smaller bedrooms.

  1. Achieve a luxe look

One of the brilliant features of a good quality bespoke rug is its ability to add luxury to any room. Keep in mind that choosing bespoke luxury rugs can take time and will cost that bit extra. Allow for extra time for your bespoke rug to be created as well as allowing for possible disparities from the website image or showroom example due to handcrafting. When it comes to price, bespoke rugs will obviously cost more than the standard mass-produced rug styles. However, cost equals quality and you can be assured that your bespoke rug will last the test of time and become a feature accessory in your space. Finally, why not create the exact look you desire by decorating with a custom rug – you’ll achieve a unique luxe look that no one else will have!

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  1. Contrasting colours

When choosing rug colours bear in mind the need to balance bold colours with calmer colours. For example while a bold red runner will look beautiful on a staircase it could be too much if the surrounding furniture and wall colourings were equally bold. Instead, when decorating, pair your darker or patterned rugs with nudes, earthy tones or neutral whites in your furniture choices and wall coverings.

  1. Connect and coordinate

One of the cleverest ways of decorating with rugs is to connect and coordinate open plan spaces such as living/dining areas. This helps to create a comfortable space while creating a sense of continuity. Using the same coloured or patterned rugs is one of the easiest ways to combine both spaces and helps to create the perfect flow in what can often be segregated open plan spaces!

  1. Shape shifting

In the past we have often been confined to decorating with traditional rectangular rugs but no more! With such a wide range of shapes and sizes from the well-known rectangle to runners, round shapes and even hide or animal shaped rugs there will be one to suit all tastes. Experiment and trial what shape works best in your space. We recommend the use of runners in hallways and by kitchen sinks or islands while round rugs work great under coffee tables or to highlight curved architectural features.

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