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Rug Art is Rugstar’s sole distributor in Ireland

When Rug Star was set up in 2002, it combined perfectly two of Jürgen Dahlmanns’s abiding passions: Tibetan rugs and contemporary design. Since then the company has enjoyed phenomenal success. Rug Star has won many awards. Now established as one of the world’s leading rug brands, it enjoys a position at the forefront of contemporary rug design. It has stores in Augsburg and Zurich, two stores in both Berlin and Beijing, and numerous retailer partners around the world. Dahlmanns’s view towards rug design is influenced by his profession of being an architect, as he says: A rug is the most liberal form of creating a space within a space without erecting obstacles. He aims to treat a carpet as it was originally intended, as a piece of room-creating furniture.

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